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chicks with guns


(part of my new "Chicks With Guns Campaign")

Holly and I work together at the reference desk of the library. We're around the same age (-ish...okay, I'm older than her) and share the same amount of snark and mild loathing for the library patrons. We're both the type of the girl that when you meet her you say, "YOU are a librarian?"

We also have interesting hobbies outside of work. I'm an artist (and I guess a writer now, too) and I shoot guns. Holly has a degree in philosophy and plays for the Rolling Pin-ups, one of the teams of the Burning River Rollergirls, Cleveland's rollerderby league.

So I totally had to get Holly to the range.

She was game, of course. I started her out on the .22 and she did great. She credits her years of playing Nintendo's Duck Hunt...I didn't even have to explain the sights to her. She went on to try out our .38 snubby, and learned about recoil. All in all, I think she had a good time and might just hang her silhouette target on her fridge...

Here's Holly!